Girls on Tour (2016)

Girls on Tour still Team Awesome Productions

Completed | Comedy Short

“Four girls. One hotel room. A whole lot of blood.
Girls on Tour is a short comedy about the undeniable power of sisterhood squared up against the inevitable trauma of menstruation. It’s girls as you’ve never seen them before.”

From the creators of Run Rabbit, Girls on Tour is a short comedy film following four teenage girls, Rosemary, Maia, Ginny and Bethany, who are staying in a hotel in Manchester in preparation for an away game of hockey. All was going fine until one of the girls has an ‘accident’, leading to a full blown panic to get rid of the evidence.

Girls on Tour was created as Level 2 for O2 Think Big and is designed to challenge traditional media representations of women, as well as break the period taboo!

Director: Olivia Larson

Producer: Lauren Evans

Screenplay: Olivia Larson

Cast: Rosemary Terry, Sarah Raine, Lorna Tinsley, Lucy Hird

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