Shorts on Tap: Women in Revolt – Gurlhood

Hi Guys!

So for all of you who have not yet started following our social media pages (links are in the footer 😉 ), last week our latest film Girls on Tour was selected as one of seven films directed by women to be screened at the Shorts on Tap event.

Women in Revolt Event, Gurlhood, Shorts on Tap, Olivia Larson, Girls on Tour (2016), Team Awesome Productions

Directors Panel

The whole evening was an absolute blast, with lots of time for mingling and a truly kick-ass venue (seriously, 92 Feet East is super cool and definitely a must-see if you haven’t checked it out already!).

But the part that really struck me was how inspirational the other directors were. Going into the event, we had absolutely no idea what to expect of any of the films, but seeing all these colourful and vibrant stories being shared up on stage with so many people was a truly eye-opening moment. It made me so proud to see what others had accomplished and only furthered our desire to make sure that we keep making powerful content.

Women in Revolt, Shorts on Tap, Gurlhood, short film, Short Film Festival, Olivia Larson, Girls on Tour (2016), Team Awesome Productions

We at Team Awesome just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all those at Shorts on Tap for giving us this amazing opportunity to have our work showcased alongside the works of six other truly amazing female directors and we hope to be involved in future events!

women in revolt, shorts on tap, gurlhood, short film, short film festival, olivia larson, lauren evans, team awesome productions, girls on tour (2016)

For more information about Shorts on Tap and their events, click here.

Otherwise thank you all for reading and catch you real soon 🙂

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